Almas Karan manufacturing and industrial complex، with 30+ years of experience in the field of producing accessories The kitchen operates and has been able to produce products with high quality and reasonable prices in the domestic market has many foreign applicants and is always expanding in various areas of kitchen appliance production, of crystal, plastic and metal.

Almas Karan collection with accurate and efficient planning and with the support of technical experiences and compliance with national standards International until today has been able to produce quality products that can compete with foreign samples, packaging and offered in order to get the maximum satisfaction of customers.
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self-sufficient in


In this part, all crystal containers such as bottles, jars, salt shakers, and pitchers and … are made.

بلور سازی 8
بلور سازی 7
بلور سازی 6
بلور سازی 5
بلور سازی 4
بلور سازی 3
بلور سازی 2
بلور سازی 1
بلور سازی 5

Plastic injection

It is used to make the doors of all products.

تزریق پلاستیک 1
تزریق پلاستیک 2
تزریق پلاستیک 2

Metal structures

for the construction of hangers and stands.

سازه های فلزی 1
سازه های فلزی 4
سازه های فلزی 5
سازه های فلزی 2
سازه های فلزی 3
سازه های فلزی 2


for the color of metal structures.

رنگ کاری 4
رنگ کاری 3
رنگ کاری 1
رنگ کاری 2
رنگ کاری 2

Press work

It is used to make the doors of metal products.

پرس کاری 2
پرس کاری 1
پرس کاری 1


It is used to polish metal doors.

پرداخت کاری 2
پرداخت کاری 1
پرداخت کاری 1

Carton making

making cartons for packing and sending products.

کارتن سازی 2
کارتن سازی 1
کارتن سازی 5
کارتن سازی 6
کارتن سازی 4
کارتن سازی 3
کارتن سازی 6

Almas Karan Group is proud to have a place in their daily lives during the years of service to the countrymen with good taste. Also, for further progress, he has invested in various places inside and outside the country, which has been well received. Therefore, this company is ready for any kind of cooperation and supply of products for applicants inside or outside our beloved country.

Due to the fact that all the products of Almas Karan are made and produced with the latest designs and patterns in the world. Having experienced experts, it has the ability to produce and compete with similar products.

بطری آیس
Product categories


from 150 cc to 4 liters


Glass bottles


Sugar shakers

Salt shakers

Oil and lemon juice bottles

Shoe holders

Clothes hangers

Flower pots

The doors of the desired products are made of chrome, steel and plastic in various colors, but it also has the ability to produce doors according to the taste and opinion of customers.

This company offers some of its products with the desired design or color to the applicants for the satisfaction and pursuit of the dear customers as much as possible.

Product packaging

With five-layer cartons and sheeting, the possibility of product breakage is minimized.

بسته بندی 7
بسته بندی 6
بسته بندی 5
بسته بندی 4
بسته بندی 3
بسته بندی 1

In order to carry out its specialized activities, with the help of an experienced team and associates at the international level and with the support of experiences obtained from continuous research before the production stage, this group has been able to achieve an ideal and at the same time cost-effective combination in the production sector.

Therefore, it is worth mentioning that in today’s competitive conditions, in order to discover the needs and demands of domestic and international customers and create standard conditions, the use of the best and highest quality technology is one of the basic conditions for the success of companies.

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